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Nowadays, brands should be world brands to stay afloat. Although IKCO has cooperated with other automakers and achieved joint projects in different sections, it has struggled to introduce its brand in competitive world markets. For this reason, IKCO put the production of its own products in agenda since 10 years ago. SAMAND’s birth was the first fruition of this endeavor. Carrying the title of first Iranian national car, SAMAND promised a new bright era for Iran auto industry in which assembling was left behind to create world brands. SAMAND and SOREN penetrated through the world markets in no time and firmed their status among other overseas products gradually. Based on this presence and applying the full-fledged of its subsidiaries, IKCO has turned out as a known brand in international arena and by attending in universal rankings it is overvalued day in, day out.

IKCO Brand Portfolio


In sector of passenger cars, in order to take advantage of working with world-class car manufacturers and to diversify company resources into different segments of the markets, IKCO has developed strategic partnerships with global leading carmakers (Mercedes-Benz, PSA, Renault and Suzuki). Furthermore, IKCO has built up its own brand, which has been started by SAMAND.


Samand design, as Iranian national car, began in the late 1990s. The car penetrated into the market in 2002. It hits the market in numerous models like Ordinary, LX, Soren, and Sarir. After producing cars like Pars and 206, IKCO started a new project named X12 which is titled as the Iranian second national car.


IKCO has gained a new status among other auto makers for the technological development of its production lines and has met global standard in its robots and press, paint and body shops.


Iran Khodro Company (public joint stock) was founded in August 1962 and was registered in Tehran Registration Co.( Registration no. 8352 , National code: 10100360794) The company first started production of LP buses, the chassis of which were imported from Germany and assembled them in the current northern factory of Iran Khodro. In the following, a summery of events taken place since 1966 and achievements of the company during these years can be read.


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